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The store is independently owned by John and Sandra Cox, no corporate bigwigs to satisfy or massive head offices to keep warm so we can do just what you want us to do. We have the freedom to supply exactly what our customers need - If there is something you are looking for:
For starters we offer:
  • Extended range of chilled foods to tickle your taste buds
  • Great quality range of fresh produce to help you get your five a day
  • Instore bake-off with bread, cakes, pies and savouries
  • Great range of wines, beers and spirits
  • Range of gluten free products
  • plus we have all the well known brands that you need and all those essential every day products at great prices
  • For the future we will be looking at adding new ranges according to our customers requirements such as:
  • locally produced cheese and dairy products
  • locally grown vegetables
  • We're open from early in the morning to late at night, seven days a week
  • We'll arrange home delivery if you can't get to us
  • We'll put away news and magazines so you don't miss anything
  • We'll give you great personal service on the Post Office
  • We'll be personally involved in our local community
  • We hope to able to join forces with other local businesses to bring you better local services
  • If there is a demand for local produce we will do our best to supply
  • If you are looking for a reliable experienced company to create a beautiful pond or garden design we know just the one - try
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Gainsborough Stores Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7135806